Corporate Social Responsibility

L2 Brands believes how we do business matters. Having two well-known brands that service the collegiate, corporate and resort markets means the League and Legacy labels are on millions of products that ship to our customers each year.

Being socially responsible and conducting business in an ethical way is woven into the 27-year history of our two companies. From very early on, we wanted our company values to include empowering our teams, treating employees with respect, and making sure conditions in our factories were comfortable and safe for our workers. Although Corporate Social Responsibility has now become a formal strategy as we have grown, we started out conducting business in a responsible way simply because it was the right thing to do.

Years later, we are two brands with a global supply chain, and our commitment to workers is just as strong. We have learned along the way that that Corporate Social Responsibility expands beyond the factory floor. We recognize our responsibility to conduct business in ways that can make positive social impacts for our workforce, on families, in our communities, and in our environment.

Whether we are creating new policies that help us strengthen our monitoring program, attending a Fair Labor Association or other CSR industry event, having a team of L2 volunteers to take part in a community program, contributing our resources to local and national charitable organizations, or brainstorming sustainable business practices with our product development team -- one thing is for certain—our employees, customers, and other stakeholders are at the heart of what we do.

As we have learned along the way, CSR touches the breadth of all our work – and while we continuously have to re-focus and determine strategic priorities around CSR, our commitment to authenticity and integrity will remain steadfast.

Code of Conduct

Paige Wingert, CEO